Dexter with Logan Part 1 Sept 7, 2020

Subjects Covered:
1. DexterEURCHF / DexterEURCAD / DexterPro software reviews with lot size adjustments for various balances.
2. DexterPro with Logan added as additional safety feature. Settings reviewed.
3. Strategy test with Logan on.
4. DexterPro Strategy test with TREND settings on/off for reduced risk.
5. Review of Gold Scalper risks/times to trade
6. Crypto Wallets reviewed / Forex Brokers reviewed

Uploaded 15/09/20

Dexter with Logan part 2 Sept 11, 2020

Subjects Covered:
1. DexterPro/Dexter - What to look for during trades. More in depth look at recovery trades/final trades.
2. Review of QuikSilver's own trades using the software.
3. Testimonials from some of the moderators
4. Difference between the Gold Scalper and Dexter.
5. How to manage the Gold Scalper.
6. Upcoming updates to Dexter and HHpro (Gold Scalper).

Uploaded 15/09/20

Dexter With Retracement Sept 14, 2020

Subjects Covered:

1. Dexter with Retracement feature added.

2. Strategy testing month to month.

Uploaded 15/09/20

Dexter Metals / Dexter Crude / Dexter News (Pro)

Subjects Covered: 

DexterMetals / DexterCrude / DexterNews(Pro) are reviewed in depth.

Lot size scaling and strategy tests are provided.

Uploaded 21/09/20

Dexter NFP Week of 9-28-2020

September 28, 2020

Strategies on Dexter Metals, Dexter Crude, Dexter EURCHF.

How to use the softwares for the week of NFP.

Uploaded 28/09/20

TWIStrend Indicator introduction

TWIStrend Indicator:

How to install & settings

How to use the indicator

Uploaded 05/10/20

TWIStrend Software

Subjects Covered:

1: Dexter Metals / Crude overview for the week.

2: TWIStrend Software introduction and review.

Uploaded 12/10/20

Dexter Pro / Dexter One / Dexter Silver / PowerHedger Versions 6.07

Release of the V. 6.07 of Dexter Pro / Dexter One / Dexter Silver

This replaces the DexterEURCHF.

Uploaded 19/10/20

DexterProAI Introduction

In depth introduction to our Artificial Intelligence integrated DexterPro with performance tests done on several months to show the safety and profitability of the software.

Uploaded 26/10/20

DexterProAI Final Part2

Uploaded 02/11/20

DexterProAI Safe/Mid/High

Uploaded 09/11/20

DexterProAI and Fund Accounts

Uploaded 16/11/20

Thanksgiving Week Settings With Demonstration of 100k Funded Account Settings

Uploaded 23/11/20

Technical session on FTMO and holidays

Discussions about the last 2 weeks of trading. Why DexterProAI places 2 sets of trades, the differences of brokers and datafeed are mentioned.

Uploaded 07/12/20

DexterProAI Version 6.16 Review

Uploaded 14/12/20

DexterProAI Holiday Edition 6.18

Holidays are here! Safe Settings and Aggressive Settings (Silver) are discussed.

Uploaded 21/12/20

DexterProAI 6.20 Year End Zoom

Specific questions on Funded Accounts with Dexter are answered. Emphasis on strategies (Automated / Manual).

Uploaded 28/12/20

DexterProAI 6.22 With Trade Copier for MT4

Uploaded 04/01/21

DexterProAI 6.24

1) DexterProAI 6.24 with Settings explained

2) FTMO version explained

3) Supplemental Manual Strategy explained

Uploaded 11/01/21

Open Ended Manual Trading using Dexter as a Signal Service.

Uploaded 18/01/21

Dexter 6.28 and Dexter Signals Part 1

Uploaded 25/01/21

Dexter 6.38

Uploaded 01/02/21

Dexter 6.40 & DexterFTMO 6.40

Uploaded 08/02/21

TWIS glitches and fixes.

Uploaded 15/02/21

Dexter 8 / Dexter 8 Signals Monday Zoom

Detailed zoom on Dexter 8 / Dexter 8 Signals with demonstration.

Uploaded 22/02/21