Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

To change your subscription login to your account, select your customer Profile which is located in the menu under [YOUR NAME] in the top right corner of the screen. Then select the Subscription tab in the Settings menu, there you will see the option to Upgrade or Downgrade your subscription. Please note going from three licenses down to one does not constitute a partial refund. The billing change will take effect on the next billing cycle.

To cancel your subscription login to the customer portal in the backoffice. Simply click Cancel Subscription in the upper right hand corner of the portal. Please note that if your cancellation is within 7 days of your previous charge you will be refunded automatically.

You can run the software on your personal computer using MT5 if you wish however, we recommend using a VPS for added security against hardware, software, electric, internet, and communication failures. Live Trading is serious business and you wouldn’t want the platform to lose control of open trades risking real money because your internet or computer went down or your MT platform is having trouble communicating with your broker on the other side of the world. We don’t have a particular VPS service to recommend however, we suggest you choose a Windows 10 VPS that suits your budget and choose a VPS located nearest to your Broker’s Servers for optimum communication. Please keep in mind if you plan to run multiple MetaTrader platforms your system should have 1 CPU core per MetaTrader platform for optimum performance.

Yes you may have as many licenses as you desire however the only limiting factor is your email address. There is a maximum of 3 licenses per email address. For example: If you wanted to purchase 6 licenses, you would simply need to create two subscriptions (3 licenses each) using 2 separate email addresses. None of the other required info such as name, billing or mailing address needs to differ between your subscriptions.

Once logged in to click on the [CUSTOMER] tab and you will be prompted for your password, enter your password to access the Customer Portal, here is where you will add or edit the MT5 account number(s)you wish to activate.


Run on default settings. Default for $1000 is .2 per $1000 on method 1 and 3,  .34 per $1000 on method 2

Market conditions are ever changing and we are committed to providing weekly recommended settings to our customers. Our main mode of communication is the Telegram App. Download and install the Telegram app free from on your computer, VPS and/or mobile device and click the link below to join our Telegram Channel for weekly settings and updates directly from QuickSilver.

Affiliate Questions

You will be paid by Request under the [AFFILIATE] tab on and please note referral payments are only eligible for withdrawal 7 days after your referred customer(s) payment has cleared. Payment will be processed during the first week of each month. If requested after the first week the payment will be queued for processing during the first week of the following month unless special arrangements are made.

We are offering a generous $50 USD per paid customer you refer without a cap! You can easily offset your own subscription cost and/or go beyond that and create a new stream of income for yourself.