Getting Started

Step by Step Getting Started Guide
Last updated: 19 April, 2020

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Setup Your VPS

Choose Broker Account

Make sure that you have a broker selected. There are 1000s to choose from. Here are the few but feel free to signup wherever you would like.

Be sure to choose the VPS server location with the best speed (latency). Check for the best location below...

Purchase VPS

You will need a VPS. A VPS allows your software and broker account to run 24 hours a day with no interruption and at the fastest speed. The VPS provides that we like are

ForexVPS is more expensive but has the best customer support on planet. RouterHosting is just a functional but not nearly as good customer support but the price is about half of ForexVPS.

Add MT4/ MT5 Account

  • Go to the customer portal from here
  • It will redirect you to a page to where you will need to confirm your account password.
  • Add your MT4/ MT5 account number
  • You can update or delete your account number here

Installation of Trading Platform

Download the MT4/ MT5 platform from your broker. It is on this platform that you will install your software

Download Software

ON THE VPS... Go to Customer Portal HERE and download the desired software from the right side bar. Save the software to your VPS desktop

Installing The .ex4/.ex5 Software

Right click on the software (desktop) and select copy... Open the trading platform and click FILE ---> Open Data Folder ---> MQL4 ---> Experts .... Paste the copied software here.

Installing The .exe Software

Simply double click on the software and it is automatically installed on all mt4/mt5 platforms on your VPS.

Training Videos

Utilize out training videos here

Customer Support

Call, email or Zoom call with Support Team if you have any quries

You can Email us on and someone will answer your question fast (usually within the hour). The hours of operation for the email department is Monday - Friday from 09:00 am - 06:00 pm PST or you can call us at +1-213-263-9729