Dexter A-Z

What is Dexter?

A High accuracy trader that is "in and out" of the market quickly. It is not a high volume trader.

Where do I install Dexter?

1) Download Dexter from your customer portal and COPY it... Click on 'File' (upper left corner), 'Open data folder', 'MQL5' ,'Experts', 'Advisors' and PASTE Dexter into this folder and close. Either right click the Expert Advisor in the left tab or simply close and reopen the MT5 platform.

2) On the top menu of the MT5 platform go to 'Tools', 'Options', 'Expert Advisors' and check all boxes and add '' to the 'add new URL' section. You can copy and past the link above.


How do I use install Dexter on the chart?

Should I use it on my VPS?


What timeframe does Dexter run on?

Doesnt matter.... Dexter chooses the timeframe in the software

What about brokers?

Any MT5 that has decent spreads is ok. We love the accuracy of Tradersway, but it is your choice.

What pairs does Dexter trade?

Dexter trades 10 pairs. Those pairs are preprogrammed. 

Can I use Dexter on Fridays?

It is not recommended but you have full control of your EA and can do what you want BUT we hate Friday trading so it is off by default.